Shnuck Or Nuck - Alaskan Malamute

Shnuck Or Nuck

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Meet Shnuck Or Nuck - Alaskan Malamute
  • United States
  • Male
  • 2012
  • Joel Feinberg

About Dog

Shnuck is a rescue dog from ASPCA. His previous family for lack of using vulgar language let his collar grown into his skin, it had to be surgically removed (Damn their eyes). He is extremely intelligent, if you hollow "I Love You", he will howl it back at you. He is also an escape artist he has a long run in the backyard, which also gives him access to the dining room where his water and food are kept. When inside he uses a corner of the wall to get out of a harness (I started with the harness because of the collar incident.) He gets it off in under 3 minutes. I tried with the harness, a collar and a choke chain all off in under four minutes. I decided to leave the harness off and he is less likely to try and escape. I felt and your article backed up my feeling he does not like the feeling of being held that harness gives, other breeds seem to like the feeling.I have a best friend that lives about a 1/4 mile down the road, when he gets loose he goes there, swims in his pond. He knows which window is his bedroom and will howl at the window, after "The animal whisper (his ability not his true name) lets him in he will crawl into bed with him and is ready to come home in the morning. He very protective of his territory. One day the animal whisper came to see me instead of drive he came thru the woods ( we are both outdoorsmen stay out on a trip for a week to ten days with just some staples we gather or harvested what we needed no more), Shnuck was sleeping and awoke when heard the AW coming thru the woods not recognizing the sound he went for him, he talked to him and Shnuck stood down realizing he was part of the pack.I fill his food bowl with about three pounds of dry food and he only eats what he needs, for treats he gets ham hocks and steak. He will not take food off your plate unless it is lower than his chest. He is so gently you can take food from his mouth with your mouth and he shares with you.The only destructive thing he does is on occasion he will chew the mail, he also likes to eat match heads, I think he likes the sulfur, not sure why and it does him no harm.His favorite time of the year is the first heavy snow, he will lay on the back deck and the blowing snow may bury him in 3-foot drifts, he knows when the snow stops and gets up and shakes himself off and yawns. He acts like he slept through the winter and then we play in the fresh snow. He will over the next few days pack down the snow in trails where he likes to go, so funny to watch.He has the perfect stance and displays for the AKC except he has one blue eye (who cares the love is all I want). I have had a Husky (a rescue) also and the malamute is smarter and more loveable. Shnuck is not only strong but fast, he got lose and I was following in a car and I glanced at the speedometer and he was doing about 30 MPH, or so I think. The only time he barks is at the electric meter reader and scares the hell out of him. I do believe if someone got in the house he would hold the flashlight and show where everything is hidden.